Seder is a compelling drama, with rich characters drawn by Sarah Gancher, and punctuated by some tour-de-force performances, particularly those of Mia Dillon and Birgit Huppuch as at odds mother and daughter.”

--Westfield News

Engrossing, Thunderous.  The audience responded to all these heightened situations at a heightened level that matched the extremes of the presentation. There were emphatic, showstopping laughs. There were also moments of stark silence and concentration.”

-- Hartford Courant 


World Premiere by Sarah Gancher

Directed by Elizabeth Williamson

Hartford Stage

October 19-November 12, 2017

Scenic Design: Nick Vaughan 

Costume Design: Ilona Somogyi

Lighting Design: Marcus Dilliard

Sound Design: Jane Shaw

Wig Design: Jodi Stone

Script Consultant: Jocelyn Clarke

Fight Choreographer: Greg Webster

Casting Director: Laura Stanczyk Casting, CSA

Production Stage Manager: Lori Ann Zepp

Assistant Stage Manager: Merrick A.B. Williams

Cast: Liam Craig, Mia Dillon, Birgit Huppuch, Dustin Ingram, Steven Rattazzi, Julia Sirna-Frest, Jeremy Webb