The company of MAKE BELIEVE, photo by T. Charles Erickson

Make BeLieve

“Bess Wohl’s play is witty, downright funny at times, and laced with poignant emotions, as this quartet of siblings experience a traumatic event, which changes the framework of their family and their relationships with each other.”

--Westfield News


““Make Believe” is a profoundly successful play about the difficult journey from childhood to adulthood. It’s also an astounding live stage depiction of childhood trauma, one that is able to show internal damage without resorting to externalized theatrics.”

--Hartford Courant


"This beautifully constructed play — a regret-tinged examination of family and trauma and sibling connections that maybe, back in those formative years, were not forged solidly enough — is emphatically for adults." -- The New York Times

"Hartford Stage’s Associate Artistic Director Elizabeth Williamson describes how “a couple of years ago, Bess said she had an idea for a new play but she didn’t think we’d be interested in it. When she said that, of course, I got very interested.” Williamson, who has been involved with four other Wohl plays in the past, is serving as the production dramaturg for “Make Believe.” -- Hartford Courant


World Premiere by Bess Wohl

Directed by Jackson Gay

Hartford Stage

September 6-September 30, 2018

Scenic Designer Antje Ellermann

Costume Designer Jonghyun Georgia Lee

Lighting Designer Paul Whitaker

Sound Designer Broken Chord Collective

Dramaturg Elizabeth Williamson

Cast: Megan Byrne, Chris Ghaffari, Brad Heberlee, Roman Malenda, 

Alexa Skye Swinton, RJ Vercellone, Molly Ward, and Sloane Wolfe


Hartford Stage